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Facebook DPA Campaign Structure for Retargeting and OCPM Bidding

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Leveraging Facebook DPA for Retargeting and OCPM Bidding in 3 Steps

This post assumes that your product catalog has already been setup within Facebook business manager. This is a pretty simple process and I can write up a future post on how to use an existing Google PLA feed for Facebook.

  1. To properly setup a Facebook DPA campaign for retargeting purposes, many boxes need to be checked off. You’re going to want to first ensure your campaign’s objective is set to “Product Catalog Sales”.


2. Ensure your custom audience captures users that have visited pages deep in the funnel. Targeting users that got to checkout, cart and payments pages and bounced. I also have a time limit of 10 days and EXCLUDE purchasers in the past 7 days (crucial).

3. Set optimization to Conversions but change your bids to manual to get charged by optimized impressions (OCPM). The guidance from Facebook is to set your average OCPM bid to your site AOV. If you’re using a specific product set in your catalog, definitely lower bids down to the AOV of that particular product set.